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Microsoft Word Traning Course for Dummies

Microsoft Word Training Course for Dummies
Microsoft Word Training Course for Dummies

Microsoft Word is the most used application of the Microsoft Office Suite. It’s usually the default application when it comes to writing, whether this is drafting blog posts, doing homework, or perhaps creating a to-do list.

Due to the development of technology over the last 20 years, Microsoft Word has played a vital role in the education sector, teaching children how to use the software from a young age. But what about those who missed out?

There is a significant gap in education for those who missed out on growing up with the Microsoft package, and we hope this Microsoft Word for Dummies blog can help you leap in the right direction to learning the software.

Microsoft Word offers a user-friendly interface to create formatted documents, offering templates and collaboration tools. It’s one of the most straightforward to use, but there are so many features even long-time software users still don’t know about.

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a computer program used for writing and editing text. It’s widely used at home and in offices for creating letters, resumes, reports, and other documents. It’s user-friendly and has many helpful tools to make your documents look organised and professional.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word has many benefits to the users who use thee software. From using templates to collaboration to creating tables, learning Microsoft Word is an ideal skill to gain as a beginner. Check out our favourite features for dummies below. 

  • Ease of Use: Microsoft Word’s intuitive design makes document creation accessible for beginners, with a minimal learning curve.

  • Professional Formatting: A suite of formatting tools allows for polished and precise document styling, from fonts to layouts.

  • Templates and Design Features: Ready-to-use templates and customizable design elements enable quick, consistent document setup.

  • Collaboration Tools: Features like real-time co-authoring and commenting facilitate teamwork and streamline document review processes.

  • Document Recovery: Auto-save and document recovery features help prevent data loss, providing peace of mind during unexpected disruptions.

5 Features for Microsoft Word Beginners

Microsoft Word features that every beginner should be aware of: 

  • Track Changes: Allows for monitoring edits made by different reviewers, facilitating collaborative editing and document revision.
  • Mail Merge: Automates the process of personalizing letters and emails for mass mailing, saving time on individual document adjustments.
  • Smart Lookup: Provides quick access to web-powered searches within the document, enhancing research and fact-checking efficiency.
  • Comments and Notes: This enables users to leave feedback and annotations within the document, which is crucial for review and collaborative work.
  • Templates and Themes: Offers a wide range of pre-designed document formats and visual styles, aiding in creating consistently styled documents.

Additional Features for Dummies Using Microsoft Word

We’ve created an additional guide for office workers using Microsoft Word daily. It’s worth learning these if you wish to advance from Microsoft Word Dummies to Microsoft Word Pros.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts for common actions like Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, Ctrl + Z to undo, and Ctrl + S to save. This can significantly speed up your work.

Learn to Navigate Documents:

  • Use the ‘Find’ feature (Ctrl + F) to quickly locate text within your document, and ‘Go To’ (Ctrl + G) to jump to specific pages or sections.

Explore the Ribbon:

  • The Ribbon is the toolbar at the top of Word. Spend some time exploring the tabs and functions. Knowing where to find tools like ‘Insert Picture’, ‘Page Layout’, and ‘Mail Merge’.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Business

Microsoft Word is an indispensable tool for businesses, serving as the backbone for document creation and management. Its comprehensive features allow for the crafting of everything from simple internal memos to complex client-facing materials with ease. The software’s ability to facilitate collaboration through track changes and comments is invaluable for teams, ensuring that documents are refined and accurate. With its robust formatting options and extensive template library, Word ensures that businesses can maintain a professional standard for all their communications, while its compatibility across devices and platforms ensures seamless integration into virtually any workflow. Whether for drafting contracts, generating reports, or creating marketing brochures, Microsoft Word remains a vital asset for businesses aiming for efficiency and professionalism in their written correspondence. Microsoft Word is an essential part of most businesses, and it’s vital you learnt the software to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training for Business

Excellence IT provides tailored Microsoft Word training, both online and in-person, to businesses of all sizes and expertise levels. Our training programs are designed to empower your team with the skills to create compelling presentations that resonate with any audience. Beyond Microsoft Word, we offer extensive training across the entire Microsoft Office suite, including tools like PowerPoint, SharePoint, Power BI and Power Automate, ensuring your business leverages the full potential of Microsoft’s powerful software to streamline processes, analyse data, and automate workflows.  

If you’re looking to understand the basics of Microsoft Word basics through an online course or face-to-face training, see how Excellence IT can meet your business needs.


We hope this Microsoft Word for Dummies guide helped you understand the basics of Microsoft Word for beginners and the benefits the platform has to help your business. 

If you’re looking for a Microsoft Word training course, online or face-to-face, contact us today by submitting a form below or email 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Word offers a variety of easy-to-use templates and themes that automatically arrange your text and images for a professional look.

You can use the ‘Comments’ feature to get feedback from others. They can leave notes right next to the text for you to review.

Word has an ‘Undo’ button that lets you reverse your last action. You can also use the ‘Spelling & Grammar’ check to find and fix any errors.

Yes, you can easily insert pictures and tables. Go to the ‘Insert’ tab and choose ‘Pictures’ or ‘Table’ and select from the options to add them to your document.

You can save your document by clicking on the floppy disk icon or ‘File’ then ‘Save’. To share, you can save your document to OneDrive and share a link, or send the document as an email attachment.

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