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OneDrive vs Google Drive – Pros and Cons for your business?

Google Drive vs OneDrive - The Pros and Cons of each cloud storage
Google Drive Vs OneDrive – Cloud Storage Comparison

Google Drive or OneDrive?

Cloud storage has become an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to store and access our files anywhere. As a collective, we seem to gravitate towards two of the most popular cloud storage solutions; Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Drive. In this article, we compare OneDrive and Google Drive in terms of their features, pricing, and overall performance to help you make an informed decision, dependent on an organisation’s requirements.

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The differences between Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

The differences between Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are somewhat minuscule, but there are some key differences between the two. Both of these platforms offer users a convenient way to store, share and access files from anywhere, on any device, as long as there is an internet connection. However, the key differences between the two may make one more suited to your needs than the other.

Microsoft OneDrive. Get more done with Microsoft 365 Office Toolkit, vs Google Drive Workspace
Microsoft OneDrive Collaboration

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that comes with all Microsoft Office subscriptions. It offers seamless integration with Office apps and Windows 11, making it an ideal choice for users who rely heavily on Microsoft Office products.

Here are the pros and cons of Microsoft OneDrive:

Pros of OneDrive

Functionality: OneDrive’s interface feels natural for most Microsoft users, with easy-to-use file management and sharing features.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration: OneDrive comes with seamless integration with Microsoft Office apps, making it easy to create and edit files directly from your OneDrive account. OneDrive allows users to use Microsoft Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. OneDrive is available via web, desktop or mobile application, enabling online and offline work effortlessly.

Collaboration: OneDrive allows for real-time collaboration on files, making it easy to work with others on a project. A history log of changes and edits can be found for each Microsoft-supported document within the Microsoft Office 365 Toolkit. This level of real-time collaboration helps businesses boost productivity without adding too many overheads. That said, to utilise collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to upgrade to the Microsoft 365 Business Basic package or the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package for even more collaboration tools. If you’re unsure of how to maximise the potential of these Microsoft tools, we offer training.

Whilst OneDrive can be compared to Microsoft SharePoint, it is often in conjunction that these tools are best utilised. Data is stored in the cloud using OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft 365, which allows both OneDrive and SharePoint files to be synced to your computer.

OneDrive Cost and Storage Comparison
OneDrive Cost and Storage Comparison

Storage Space and Cost: Is OneDrive for Business unlimited storage? OneDrive offers generous storage space, with 1 TB available with Office 365 subscriptions for business, starting at £3.80 per month. Packages are made to suit all requirements from selective programs to the Microsoft 365 business package.

Microsoft OneDrive’s free plan offers just 5GB of storage. Whilst this may be great for small projects, excessive use will eat up that storage pretty quickly. Either way, Microsoft OneDrive has options to cater for all. 

Security: OneDrive uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data, ensuring that your files are safe and secure. Multi-factor authentication is available and encouraged by Microsoft for an extra layer of security. A Microsoft account login also ensures users cannot find and access your files easily. Microsoft has a multitude of security offerings that can be attached to your OneDrive account, as well as having your files backed up for swift recovery. For security reasons, Microsoft OneDrive is great, and multi-factor authentication can help when purchasing cyber insurance.

What are the disadvantages of OneDrive?

The disadvantages of OneDrive are limited sharing options, limited file management and desktop synchronise settings.

Limited Sharing Options: OneDrive’s sharing options are limited compared to other cloud storage services, making it difficult to share files with non-Microsoft users. The lack of third-party application integration may be a disadvantage for users utilising One Drive who may want to link Google Meet to their calendars. However, there are tools such as appypie, which can help with combining third-party integration tools.

Limited File Management: OneDrive’s file management features are basic, lacking advanced features such as version control and file locking.

Desktop Synchronise Settings: As great as Desktop synchronization is, there can often be issues when users are editing files offline and don’t resync their content. OneDrive enables automatic synchronization, but it can be disabled by laptop battery or Desktop inactivity. For example, a spreadsheet of stock that hasn’t been updated could create multiple versions.

Is OneDrive good for small Business?

Yes, OneDrive is great for small businesses, at a low cost per month, and with the free 5GB of storage, OneDrive is an ideal solution for new and small businesses.

Google Drive

Google Drive Dashboard - Free Cloud Storage
Google Drive Dashboard

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service that integrates with Google’s suite of productivity tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google Drive offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use for both individuals and businesses.

Here are the pros and cons of Google Drive:

Pros of Google Drive

GoogleDrive Cost Comparison
Google Drive Cost For Business

Storage Space and Cost: Google Drive offers 4 packages, Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus are available to purchase at ease, although the Enterprise package requires further assistance. Packages start from £4.60 a month, which is higher than Microsoft One Drive, although the Business Starter package does come with multiple Google tools and is available through a free 7-day trial. 

Google Drive also offers 15GB of free storage, meaning you get more storage utilising Google Drive’s free plan, compared to Microsofts OneDrive offer just 5GB.

AI-Assistant: Google Workspace has announced an AI Assistant across Google Drive and Gmail. With the expected features to be implemented shortly, Google Drive is setting the standard of working efficiently. Google Workspace has been rebranded to Duet AI, which looks to be a direct comparison to Microsoft’s Copilot.

Read more about Google Drive AI.

Collaboration made easy: As with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive allows for real-time collaboration on files, making working with others on a project easy. The suite of Google applications (docs, sheets, slides, etc) is all provided and usable for multiple users dependent on the package purchased and the applications are available on the web and mobile applications. Google Drive for is also available for Desktop.

Sharing Options: Google Drive offers robust sharing options, allowing users to share files with anyone, including non-Google users.

File Management: Google cloud platform, Google Drive, offers advanced file management features, such as version control and file locking, making it easy to manage your files.

File Type Support: Google Drive is versatile in that it can support a wide range of Microsoft Office file formats. Word documents, for example, will open in Google Docs. Although formatting can frequently be lost, the majority of content is carried over and accessible.

Interface: Google cloud platform, Google Drive excels in usability thanks to its user-friendly interface. Its powerful built-in search engine is a standout feature, allowing users to search files by type and owner.

Cons of Google Drive

Google Suite Integration: Google Drive’s integration with third-party apps is limited, making it difficult to work with non-Google products.

Collaboration: Shareability and real-time editing suffer when the recipient does not have a Google account. Before viewing the content, the recipient must have access permission, and even then, no editing is permitted. This can be difficult at times because request emails are frequently found in junk folders.

Data Protection: Google has best-in-class security against infrastructure threats like hardware and software failure, power outages, and natural disasters. However, it has previously been known for a lack of data protection at your end from human error, illegitimate deletion, program/sync errors, malicious insiders, malware, and ransomware.

As this is a concern, we suggest reading more on how Google protects its data and tips to help stay in control.

Can Google Drive be used for business?

Yes, Google Drive is a fantastic choice for all-size businesses. It has a range of applications for integration, streamlining the modern workplace, and a free 15GB of storage. 

Should I use OneDrive or Google Drive for business?

There aren’t many differences between OneDrive and Google Drive. Regarding cloud storage solutions, both provide excellent choices. Most significantly, they provide reasonable prices for a lot of storage.

The key distinction, though, is security. When it comes to security, Microsoft has always been a leader, and OneDrive is no exception. It has an advantage over Google because of the additional layers of account safety, verification, and authentication.

Microsoft OneDrive provides more robust applications with assurances regarding your protection. Google is simple and constrained, but it offers excellent applications. The same can be said about their security solution, which is impressive but not as advanced as Microsoft’s.

If this doesn’t answer all your questions, you can refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.


What is the difference between Google Drive personal and business?

While Google Drive is a free cloud storage option and is great for personal use, Google Drive for Work is an advanced option best suited for business use. With all the additional features, such as custom email with your domain, advanced security and administration feature alongside 24/7 support, there is a drastic difference between Google Drive Personal and Google Drive Business. Google Drive Business does cost more, but the additional features make it worth it for any business.

Which is safer Google Drive or OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is safer than Google Drive due to Microsoft’s continual expansion of its security technology. Multifactor authentication and the additional layers of security OneDrive offer makes it slightly more advanced than Google Drive. However, both Google Drive and OneDrive are completely safe.

Although, we recommend staying wary of scams. We have seen scammers target Microsoft OneDrive in the past, and we expect there to be scammers targeting Google, too.

Is Microsoft OneDrive available for mobile phones?

Microsoft OneDrive is available across iOS and Android and can be used on tablet devices, too.

Is Google Drive available on iOS and Android for mobile phones?

Google Drive is available on both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with tablet devices.

Can you use Google Drive for business for free?

Google Drive free storage of 15GB is available to all users. This is 10GB more free storage space than Microsoft OneDrive offers its users.

How does OneDrive work?

OneDrive works by saving the documents you created on, or offline, to a cloud-based server. You can create documents offline through the likes of Microsoft Word and can upload them to OneDrive. This allows a user to keep documents safe without the likes of a USB stick, which can be lost. Additionally, you can save storage space on your computer by deleting the documents on your system once uploaded to OneDrive. There’s no longer a need to worry if your computer won’t turn on. As long the document is saved to OneDrive, you can access the file from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.


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