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How to Protect Your Cardiff Business from Online Threats

Protect Your Cardiff Business with IT Support

Cardiff, like any other region, faces distinct challenges when it comes to cyber security and IT Support. Despite the universal nature of cyber threats, Cardiff businesses are particularly vulnerable to specific dangers, including phishing attacks and malware. Recent analyses indicate an uptick in such incidents locally, underscoring the critical need for robust cyber security measures for your business.

Network Security

It is crucial to maintain the security of your Wi-Fi network by ensuring that access is restricted. Implement strong, unique passwords for various accounts and make a routine of changing them periodically to enhance security.

Staff Training

Educating your team about fundamental cyber security principles is one of the most straightforward yet effective defences against cyber threats. Enhancing awareness among your staff can significantly reduce the likelihood of breaches due to human error.

For a free 2-week trial on one Cyber Security Training Platform, check out more here.

Advanced Email Protection Software

We use an advanced email protection solution to filter and block spam. The tool also asks if you’re sure a website is safe when clicking on links.

It’s a fantastic tool to add to your cyber security stack.

Interested? Speak to an expert today.

Software and System Updates

It is essential to regularly update all your systems and software. These updates frequently contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, and neglecting them can leave your systems open to exploitation by cybercriminals.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme designed to make online businesses in Wales safer. The standard Cyber Essentials certification is self-assessed, where assessors ask questions to determine if your business is protected from cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Logo
Cyber Essentials Logo

Implementing Advanced Cyber Security Technologies in Cardiff

Adopting basic security measures is beneficial, but integrating advanced security technologies can offer further layers of protection.

Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Utilising firewalls along with dependable antivirus software is critical for detecting and thwarting malicious activities. These technologies serve as the first line of defence in identifying and blocking potential threats before they infiltrate your network.

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Cyber Essentials as a Service

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a great way to protect against online threats, but it only assesses you at a single point in time. At Excellence IT, we’re offering an automated service that helps your business stay compliant by identifying your network’s vulnerabilities.

Passwords are perhaps the most common form of cyber security, but as the number of services we use increases and password requirements become more complex, remembering them can be hard. Our service means you never have to remember a password again while improving security. Not many people will remember 20 passwords of 12-16 characters and symbols…

Implementing a Response Plan

Even with the best precautions, breaches can occur. Having a response plan in place ensures you can act swiftly to mitigate damage. This plan should include steps to isolate the breach, notify affected parties, and assess the damage to prevent future incidents.

Regular Audits and Compliance

Regular security audits are vital. They help identify vulnerabilities in your system before they can be exploited. Additionally, ensure your business complies with UK data protection laws, which can also guide your cyber security strategies.

If you’re interested in how our Cyber Security as a Service can help your business, contact an expert today!

Safeguarding Cardiff: Final Thoughts

Protecting your Cardiff business from online threats doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s essential to protect your business from a cyber attack.

However, following these steps and staying informed can significantly reduce your risk of cyber incidents. Remember, the most effective security strategy is a proactive one.

Unsure about where to start? Contact us today and our Cyber Security Experts will provide you with all the help you need.


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