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The Weakest Passwords of 2018

Before 2019 finally arrives, the weakest passwords of 2018 has been revealed and the results are… alarming.

It’s no surprise that 2018 has been a detrimental year for security breaches, hacks and increased cyber threats – with some of the highest reported crimes in history. For example, the annual ONS survey of Cyber crime across England and Wales.

Here are just a selection of some of the most alarming facts and figures…

  • ◉ Around 5 million cybercrimes were committed in England and Wales 

  • ◉ Around 24 million were fraud offences

  • ◉ About 23 million were related to computer misuse

That doesn’t make for pleasant reading. However, in comparison to 2017 it’s a major step forward. Incredibly, Cybercrime has seen a 31% decrease. This is down to a few factors:

  •  Cyber threats and cyber security is a much more talked about and understood subject

  •  Employees are being trained on how to detect suspicious emails and what actions to take

  •  Businesses are using companies to install anti-virus and protection for their networks

While it’s encouraging to see cybercrimes decrease, it’s still going to be a major issue in the coming year. As although the overall figure has dropped, you are statistically more likely to fall victim of a cybercrime than any other crime in the UK. With around £130 billion being stolen…

However, with all that in mind. Here are the top 10 weakest passwords of 2018, hilariously revealed by SplashData. See if you can have a guess at what they are before dragging to reveal the answer!

Weakest password #10… Those three little words

Heart Click to Reveal 2

Weakest password #9… Keys, keys, keys

Keyboard Click to Reveal 2

Weakest password #8… You are my ________, my only ________!

Sunset Click to Reveal 2

Weakest password #7… The first of the number themed passwords…

Chairs Click to Reveal






Weakest password #6… Another ___ bites the dust!



Weakest password #5… Back to numbers, can you count to 5?



Weakest password #4… How about to 8?



Weakest password #3… Surely not to 9?



Weakest password #2… Okay I need a password… I’ve got it! How about…



And finally, the Weakest password for 2018 IS…



But wait… who’s that at number 23?




Read the full list here.

So what steps should you take to ensure your security isn’t breached? Here are some quick top tips:

Use a password manager

Eliminate your weakest password! They create strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts. Meaning if one password is discovered by a criminal, they can’t get the rest of it!

Think looooooonnnnnnnggggggg

Length is better than complexity. Using uppercase, lowercase and special characters is good practice. But getting into the 12-15 character range improves your security tenfold.

Take 5 and set up 2 factor authentication

The sophistication of cybercrime is continuing to evolve and change, so many services offer 2 layers of protection. Set it up. A unique time sensitive code is sent to your device via SMS and you can quickly confirm it’s you and not a hacker.

Get Cyber Essentials qualified!
Cyber Essentials is a government scheme designed to help businesses cover themselves against the most common of threats. You are put through a series of questions and scenarios, giving you the knowledge on how to protect your company and employees.

If you’re looking to learn more about how your IT systems can be protected. Get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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