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We Are A Trusted Partner Of The Cyber Resilience Cyber Centre For Wales!

We are extremely proud to announce we are a trusted partner of the cyber resilience centre for Wales. From today the scheme has launched and is open for registrations and membership applications.

What is the Cyber Resilience Centre For Wales?

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales (WCRC) is part of the national roll-out of Cyber Resilience Centres in the UK which began in 2019.

The WCRC began its journey in November 2020. Led by Policing and facilitated by Business Resilience International Management (BRIM), they have followed a structured modular programme based on a highly successful model that had previously been established for over 9 years in Scotland.

They work in partnership with regional Policing, Academia, Businesses, Third and Public Sector organisations in a variety of ways. Their program combats cybercrime in 3 ways:


Their first step to cyber resilience is knowledge. By staying updated on the latest cyber threats, you have a greater chance of preventing attacks on your business. To help you stay up to date, they’ll provide you with regular e-news, resources, and updates, relevant to SMEs.


They provide a small range of affordable cyber resilience services with the very current knowledge and technical expertise from the UK’s top university cyber talent. Their services help SMEs and the wider supply chain to prepare and improve cyber resilience.


Membership with the WCRC provides benefits through a range of packages that support you, or your supply chain, in your journey to becoming cyber resilient. From free resources for small businesses, to strategic CISO groups, membership options are designed to meet your needs.

How is Excellence IT involved?

We are listed as a trusted partner for The WCRC, which means we are going to be providing our services to businesses who apply for membership. Using our years of experience, we feel we are confidently placed to provide expert advice and guidance for any organisations that come our way.


Please visit the WRCR website to find out more information about the scheme and how they are aiming to protect more businesses against cyber crime. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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