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What Is Yammer? Could it bring my remote working team together?

You’ve heard it mentioned before but still don’t really know what it is – what is yammer?

Over 2020 home working became the new normal for many businesses. In 2021, it still is too. So it’s no surprise that organisations are looking for new tools to keep their workforce united and engaged. That’s where a lot of questions have been raised about Yammer – and what it does for businesses?

So, let us answer “What is Yammer?”

Is it a social media site?

Kind of.

A great way to think of it is like an exclusive Facebook group for your workplace. However, unlike a Facebook group, only company employees have access, meaning members of the public and connected friends cannot see or request joining.

Can it integrate with Office 365 products?


Yammer is apart of the Office 365 license package, meaning it naturally works with the standard office suite. Embedding word, Excel, and Powerpoint files are able to open in the application seamlessly. However, the integration stretches as Yammer also works with Teams, Skype for business, SharePoint, and Flow.

You can see Microsoft’s full integrations here.

What are the basic benefits of using Yammer?

To keep it simple, Yammer is a place where your organisation can post questions, information, photos, and more to everyone. Each user has the ability to write and embed media, ensuring their voice is heard (well, words are read)

As Microsoft Teams can provide a great platform for instant communication, Yammer offers a slightly more solid platform of how employees can congregate and discuss. Here are some quick wins of how Yammer can help your remote workforce:

Employee Unity

Yammer gives employees the opportunity to be more united when working away from the office. It can also help decisions be made quicker and project working a lot simpler. Using the tools Yammer provides, instead of rounds of feedback and instant responses, employees can think about their feedback and how they communicate it. Sometimes having time to collate a response can save a lot of wasted brain energy.

Yammer also encourages employee celebration. That’s why they have a built-in praise feature, where the achievements of workers can be displayed and shared company-wide. Showing the individual they are appreciated, as well as higher up staff members applauded for their thoughtfulness.

More Participation

Employees are encouraged to participate more in company-wide discussions when using Yammer, as it’s less daunting than a real-life or video meeting. Studies show that when employees are more engaged, they are less likely to be distracted and considering leaving the organisation.

Yammer also provides many options for engagement, such as polls, questions, and casual group chatrooms.

Analytics for Everyone

For super users and higher-up staff members, Yammer provides more tools that are built into the platform. Giving the user a host of metrics to monitor how many messages are being posted, their read rate, and then how active the members of the group are.

This data can then be used as evidence for other managers to find out which groups are most engaged with, and alter their approach if certain groups are lagging.

All Device Access

Yammer isn’t limited to just Windows, as it’s available on Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Also to help, Yammer is available through any web browser, meaning any device can potentially work with the application and not need to have it installed.

The addition of mobile applications also means employees can utilize their remote working situation and access the platform from any new location they might need to be situated in.


In the current climate where remote working is the new normal, a combination of Yammer and Teams could be the perfect way to keep employee morale and inclusion at a steady pace.

Social media is a big step for a workforce to adapt to and embrace. Get in touch today to see what ways we can get your organisation excited and enthusiastic about Yammer. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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