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Defend Your Business with Strong Email Security

Cyber Security Protection for Email
Cyber Security Protection for Email

Key Takeaways

  • Blocking listed or suspicious URLs, impersonation blockers, and attachment scanning are key fundamentals of our advanced email security software.
  • Reducing human risk management with data-driven cyber security training to educate employees when a suspicious email enters their inbox.
  • Clicking on a malicious link could lead to substantial financial losses and damage your company’s reputation.

Why Email Security Matters for Your Business

Think of your business emails as important messages that you wouldn’t want anyone to intercept or tamper with. Just as you wouldn’t want someone stealing your letters, you wouldn’t want cyber thieves accessing your business emails. These criminals are clever and can trick people into giving away confidential information, which could be costly for your business.

High Prevalence of Email-Based Cyber Attacks

Email is a common attack vector for cybercriminals, with a significant percentage of cyber attacks initiated through phishing. Phishing attacks, where attackers masquerade as trustworthy entities to solicit personal information, are particularly prevalent. According to recent statistics, phishing accounts for about 36% of all data breaches. This high rate underscores the critical need for effective email security solutions to safeguard sensitive business information.

Damaging Email

We use specialist email security software that acts as an advanced guard for your emails. This software is particularly effective at identifying and stopping phishing scams, which are attempts by criminals to impersonate someone you trust to steal sensitive information.

According to external sources, phishing accounts for about 38% of all data breaches. This is an alarming statistic, but it’s not very surprising. With over two decades of experience in IT Support and Cyber Security, we know that most businesses are reactive rather than proactive when it comes to cyber security; you only know you need it once your business faces a cyber attack.

This statistic alone is a big enough reason to implement embedded email security protection for all your business. So, what does an advanced email protection solution look like?

Advanced Threat Protection for Business Email

Our advanced technology provides comprehensive email security solutions that address various aspects of email threats:

URL Protection
It scans and blocks malicious links within emails, preventing access to harmful websites. It also rewrites URLs to ensure they are safe before reaching the user’s inbox.

Attachment Protection
Inspects all email attachments for malware and converts potentially dangerous files into safe formats before they reach the user, significantly reducing the risk of malware infections.

The safe file conversion tool ensures protection from malicious files by converting Office and PDF files into a safe format for immediate delivery.

Other factors include static file analysis, checking abnormal code, and other steps that do not require destroying the attachment. The final stage of protection is sandboxing, using full system emulation and virtualisation.

Impersonation Protection
This feature checks for signs of email spoofing by analysing the sender’s details and the email content. It helps prevent impersonation attacks, where attackers pose as familiar contacts.

Our software also gives internal administrators control over which emails are handled, allowing them to reject, quarantine, or deliver them with warnings when appropriate.

Internal Email Protect
The technology extends its security measures to internal and outbound emails, scanning them for malicious content and sensitive data leakage.

Statistical Insights on Email Security

Email security remains a critical concern for businesses globally due to the high frequency and severe consequences of email-based attacks. Here are some key statistics that underscore the importance of robust email security measures:

Daily Phishing Emails

It is estimated that approximately 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent daily. This staggering number highlights the immense scale of the daily threat that businesses and individuals face from phishing attacks.

Phishing - Cyber Security Awareness

Spear-Phishing Attacks

About 88% of organisations worldwide report experiencing spear-phishing attacks annually.

Spear-phishing is a more targeted form of phishing where attackers customize their messages based on their knowledge of the victim, making it particularly dangerous and effective. This statistic demonstrates the widespread targeting of businesses by cybercriminals, emphasising the need for vigilant and comprehensive email security solutions.

Cost of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is identified as the second most common cause of data breaches. The financial impact of these breaches is significant, with the average cost amounting to £3.92 million per breach.

This figure includes direct costs such as system repairs and downtime and indirect costs like reputational damage and loss of customer trust. The high cost of breaches highlights the severe financial implications for businesses, making a compelling case for investing in advanced email security measures.

Money PNG 2

Combining Technology with Employee Education

Cyber Security Training Platform

While our software is highly effective, no system is foolproof. That’s why we pair it with our interactive training platform focused on security awareness. These sessions equip employees with the knowledge to recognise and avoid deceptive tactics cybercriminals use.

Our training platform consistently reduces the risk of human error. At only £2 per user per month, investing in Secure IT platform could save your business thousands of pounds and protect its reputation from the costly impacts of a cyber attack.

The Risks of Neglecting Email Security

Ignoring the importance of email security can lead to severe consequences. For example, if an employee accidentally clicks on a malicious link because they were unaware of the risk, it could lead to substantial financial losses and damage your company’s reputation.


Excellence IT is committed to safeguarding businesses against email threats and potential security breaches. Our team is equipped to provide tailored advice on solutions for your business and implement the necessary tools to help you stay proactive in defending against cyber threats.

Implementing advanced email protection software and continuously educating your team can safeguard your business against these threats.

Work With Us to Secure Your Emails

At Excellence IT, we’re dedicated to protecting your business from email-related threats. To learn more about how our email protection software and security training platform can help your business, please contact us below.

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