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Why Email Security for your business makes so much sense!

90% of cyber breaches are caused by human error. Email security is important.

That’s a worrying statistic, so it makes so much sense that more and more businesses are turning to solutions to protect their employees.

We’ve seen it most recently when an email scam cost a company nearly £200k in damages due to an employee error. Was it a lack of Cyber Security training? Or not having the tools in place to protect users in an ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

That’s why we believe in having embedded email security protection for all your employees. However, what does an advance email protection solution look like?

More than just filtering emails…


As cyber threats become more advanced and difficult to spot, it’s now more important than ever to properly protect your business.

Our cyber security offering includes advanced email security offered by Mimecast. Here’s a brief overview of the depth advanced email security offers:

URL Protect

If an email contains a threatening or malicious link, Mimecast will detect and block it. Alternatively, any link that is put in an email Mimecast provides hyperlink re-writing. This means each link is scanned and checked for viruses and vulnerability before it reaches the user’s inbox, guaranteeing it’s safe.

The advanced email protection includes pre-click URL discovery, online employee education, and blocking of dangerous files types. This means that’s even if a user does click a link, Mimecast will block the destination.

Attachment Protect

Aside from protecting users from URLs, there is also protection from attachments and dangerous files. This means that any attachments are downloaded and inspected before delivering them to your inbox. One key feature is safe file conversion, which ensures protection from malicious files by converts Office and PDF files into a safe format, for immediate delivery.

Other factors include static file analysis, checking abnormal code, and other steps without needing to destroy the attachment. The final stage of protection is sandboxing, using the full system emulation and virtualization.

Impersonation Protect

One of the major slip-ups for employees is whether to trust email content by a trusted sender. Mimecast provides impersonation protection, where real-time examination of the email’s display name, reply-to information, and body content are checked. This is also running alongside character switching, similarity checks and the use of long URL string with an obscure destination.

Mimecast also gives control to internal administrators who can see which emails are handled, giving them the option to reject, quarantine, or deliver them with warnings when appropriate.

Internal Email Protect

Finally, internal emails are also scanned and protected by Mimecast. It extends best-practice security protocols to internal and outbound emails. Against, inspecting all URLs and attachments. However, content is scanned to detect sensitive information and potential data leaks.

Key capabilities include scanning of URLs and attachments, continuous rechecking of emails, and automated or manual remediation of malicious or undesirable emails post-delivery.

Next steps?

We are dedicated to protecting businesses from email threats and potential security breaches. We have the capabilities to advise on solutions for your business and implement the tools you need to remain proactive against cyber threats.

If after reading this want to get a quote for how Mimecast could fit into your business. Then please get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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