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Why is IT training important for your business?

Are your staff developing the right skills for the future? Are you providing the right IT Training?

IT has evolved in businesses over the years and this change impacts your staff.

This ‘new style IT’ aligns with business strategy and underpins all departments in your organisation. Hewlett Packard highlighted the new role of IT saying that “hardware and software are means to an end, and the end goal is to provide employees with the means to facilitate communication, sort through a huge amount of new and diverse data, and minimize risk to the organization.”

From this perspective IT is viewed as not just being the technical side of the business but being a vital function that can help your employees achieve more. For example, if the IT in your business is helping improve how your staff communicate then your customers will no doubt receive better service, which ultimately benefits your business overall.

New technology such as cloud, social media and mobility exemplify how IT can transform businesses and this is just the beginning. Technology will continue to evolve and change so organisations will need to focus on keeping up.

How does this impact your staff?

Your staff will be the key to unlocking the power of new technology in your business. If your business is migrating to the cloud or adopting a cloud service such as Office 365 then your employees will need to be proficient enough to work with these every day. IT can add value to your organisation but it can only go so far if employees are unsure how to use it and apply it to their role.

Applications and platform will continue to update or add new features and in the ideal business staff will be aware of how to make the most of these changes rather than rely on basic usage. Similarly, new technology will continue to evolve. Your employees are at the heart of new technology and innovation and can decide if your business is 2016 or 2006!

You can see from this picture of the role of IT in business and the strong connection it has to your employees why IT training is important. Developing IT skills in your workforce is important for the future of your business and making the most of your IT investments.

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