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Why You Should Choose A Company With ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001. It’s probably a certification you’ve heard about and know it’s important. But why? Why should you choose a company with the certification?

Aside from having certifications as badges of honour on your website, certifications do actually serve some big purposes. For example, a Cyber Essentials Plus certification proves that you are actively protecting your own data alongside your clients, the same applies when it comes to ISO 27001.

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They actively serve to promote your compliance to future clients as well as protecting your organisation internally. A lot of providers don’t Here are some quick reasons why you should always be looking to work with companies with ISO certifications.

ISO means Active and not Stagnant

ISO 27001 doesn’t just prove the provider you work with is on the ball with security practices. It also shows that your provider wants to be top of the class, and give themselves a marketing edge. It’s worthwhile remembering these qualifications aren’t easy to obtain, even the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon require these certifications year after year.

ISO means if a breach happens, no extra fines are applied

Did you know the average cost of data exposure has soared to $3.86 million?

One of the best points about having an ISO certification means you and your provider are protected from being penalized for not having the most secure processes in place. A great way to avoid an extra kicking when your down and already at a loss!

ISO means your reputation is enhanced

Choosing a provider with ISO in place means your reputation is enhanced by associating with them. Obviously, the provider knows the time and effort to achieve a certification, but from your point of view – you don’t need to go to those extremes. You are simply showing your clients that the supply chain is covered and protection is always taken into account. You associate with the best to tell your clients you are the best.

ISO means the law is on your side

You should be aware that ISO certifications are measured against their international standards. But ISO qualifications are also designed to ensure information is protected to fall in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (It’s that pesky GDPR again!)

Meaning that working with ISO-certified organisation means they are in line with European GDPR, not just UK-based rules and red tape.

ISO means the structure is always taken into account

Having an ISO provider can also prove invaluable for the growth of your business. When a business develops and grows at a fast pace, it can become difficult to keep tabs on who should access and hold the keys to types of information. Having a provider with an ISO background means you can ask them for advice on how to set out and design information risk responsibilities.

ISO means fewer audits!

Finally, an ISO 27001 qualification provides an indication of global security effectiveness – eradicating the need for repeated customer audits. This can go in your favour as well, meaning your clients can take trust in how your data is being handled. Meaning their data is in safe hands as well.


At Excellence IT, compliance is a big part of the trust our clients hold in us. We make sure that we are up to task of handling sensitive data and never letting it our of our grasp. If you want to explore a partnership with Excellence IT and how we protect our clients through IT services and solutions, contact us today.

If you want to see what other ways we keep our data protected for our clients. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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