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After Windows End of Life – Can I safely use my PC?

January 14th 2020 – the first day of Windows 7 devices without Microsoft support.

Hopefully, if you are associated with us, you will be aware of the Window end of life dates and how important it is to upgrade your PC/Laptop or Server and you don’t need to carry on reading this article.

If you are not in that category, please read our answers to questions you probably have…

Is my Computer in danger?

Not having support from Microsoft means that you will no longer receive support for your devices.

That means no new features or fixes are released.
This means that there will be no technical support for the operating system.
This means you are open to and exposed to external threats and dangers.

Essentially that means that all your data and information could be at risk, so it’s incredibly important that you are in contact with your IT company planning what next steps to take.

Can I use my Computer?

Yes. Your computer will still work and be able to access a range of software you have used in the past. However, if this software is updated – it is unlikely your device will be able to run the new version or patch of the software

What about websites I log into?

If your computer currently uses antivirus protection to keep your credentials safe when surfing the internet, it is possible you may be targeted by hackers looking for users who are still using out of date operating system software

What should I do?

In most circumstances replacing the device is the best option. In our experience, we have recommended to customers to replace devices rather than upgrade them. This is due to more recent operating systems needing newer technology to run more efficiently and smoothly.

However, upgrading your device is not out of the question. We would recommend talking to your IT services company or the IT team in your organisation.


I don’t have an IT service team?

It could be a good idea to talk to a decision-maker within your company to try and get your device onto Windows 10.

Alternatively, if you are the decision-maker of your business we are available to offer support and consultancy to help protect your information and keep your business secure.

Feel free to give us a call on 02920 887 362 or head to our homepage and fill in our quotation form to find out how we can protect your devices.

Next steps?

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