Introducing our bite sized IT courses

Did you know that humans forget 40% of what they have learned after 20 minutes? Looking at this from a training perspective, after a long training session, delegates may be leaving the room with only a fraction of the required skills!

The concern here is that training may not be having the desired impact in business. Training should stimulate employees, engage them in their role and help them succeed in the organisation. If employees find training ineffective when back in the workplace then the investment will never pay off.

Time to shake up training delivery…

Long-winded courses, irrelevant content, out of the box format – all of the above lead to one, big training fail. As an IT Training provider, we consider the above to be a recipe for a bad training programme. For us, it’s important for delegates to leave a training course with knowledge and skills that can be applied when back in the office.

From working closely with organisations across Wales we developed our bite sized IT courses to achieve this objective.

The bite-sized approach

Bite-sized courses tackle training concerns and skills development head-on. These customised IT courses are designed to only focus on topics that are necessary to the learner and their job role. By trimming back any irrelevant course content and only focusing on important training areas we are able to devise short burst training sessions. For example, if a delegate only needs to learn how to use formula and analysis in Microsoft Excel, then the IT course will be designed to teach this specific skill.

A bite-sized course is objective-driven and can be adapted to job functions or industry requirements – delegates can also bring in their own projects!

What are the benefits?

These training sessions create minimal disruption to the business and have a high success rate. Time is important in business and these courses put every minute spent in the training room to good use. The course content is clear, concise so the learner is not blindsided by unnecessary information. Delegates can see how this training can be applied in their day to day role therefore these courses have a positive impact on work performance.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our bite-sized training approach is tried and tested. To request more information on bite sized IT courses and review testimonials from our clients drop us an email at View our guide (example below) for an overview of our bite-sized training approach.

Blog graphic guide to our bite-sized IT courses

Statistic sourced via Train Like a Champion

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