Is Faster internet a distant dream? for Welsh businesses, it can be a reality!

Slow internet can be painful. Especially when it’s too expensive to upgrade or find a solution for.


We’ve revealed in the past ways to speed up your PC with some simple tips, but sometimes internet speeds are out of your control. When this can’t be solved, businesses can suffer from internal problems even affecting client relationships.


Therefore, many businesses seek an answer, which is turning to Gigabit speed Ethernet. This is where optical fiber solutions are installed, allowing the user to achieve speeds of up to 1000 M/bits.


Sadly, this can be a costly solution, with many businesses not being able to invest heavily in this solution.


However, there has been a boost for Welsh businesses!


The UK government has a scheme for small business and local communities to gain funding for gigabit capable broadband installation. Incredibly though, the vouchers are now worth more in Wales than anywhere else in the UK.


As explained on Business Wales and the Welsh Government website, the new arrangements mean that there is now up to an additional £3,000 for businesses up to a certain size and an additional £300 per residential property.


What this means is that group projects in Wales can gain up to £5,500 per business, compared with only £2,500 elsewhere in the UK.


How do I apply?


Simply head over to the Gigabit voucher website and begin to find out whether you are in an area where gigabit vouchers are available.


Their process is easy to follow and provides guidance every step of the way:



They’ve also produced an easy to follow video explaining the scheme:


Next steps?

Alternatively, you are free to contact Excellence IT and we can advise on Internet solutions and how we can work to achieve what your business requires.

If after reading this want to get a quote for faster Internet or what solutions there are for your business. Then please get in contact with us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at

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