To secure your workplace and protect your network we provide a proactive IT security service.

Cyber threats are a danger to businesses of all sizes, across all sectors. An IT security breach can be costly and can damage your company reputation.

In our digital world, customers will only buy from companies that they can trust. It’s important for every organisation to take IT security seriously. The threat landscape is continually evolving and no business is immune. It’s crucial to invest in IT security or risk exposing your organisation to cyber criminals.

To protect your company data, networks, employees and customers we advise taking a proactive IT security approach. We are a trusted IT provider who can help you build and maintain a secure work environment.

Why choose our IT Security services?

To keep you safe, secure and compliant we provide a suite of web, email, mobile and network solutions. Our proactive service includes network monitoring to spot potential threats before they invade your network.

We assess your security vulnerabilities to develop a comprehensive IT security strategy. Alongside leading technology solutions, we can also provide cyber essential accreditation (following a successful audit) and also cyber awareness training for your employees.

Our IT security service at a glance

Plan To keep you secure and compliant we identify cyber security vulnerabilities and provide direction on how to make improvements.
Prevent We provide leading web, email, mobile and network security solutions including anti-spam, malware detection, monitoring and robust firewalls.

Precaution It’s essential to prepare for the unexpected. Our service includes disaster recovery solutions to limit the damage if your business is under attack.

Awareness We understand the importance of employee cyber-awareness. We provide training to help your staff work safe online.

Customer story: Testimonial from ategi.

“excellence IT have enabled us to improve and professionalise our organisation with a clear approach to dealing with IT difficulties and good monitoring of our systems and equipment. Everyone we deal with is pleasant and accommodating and we have confidence in their ability to respond quickly and effectively to our immediate and long term IT needs.”

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Cyber Security – SMBs need to take action

We often hear about large-scale cyber-attacks in large organisations, but cybercriminals are not letting SMBs off the hook. It’s been reported that 1 in 40 small businesses are at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that small businesses are ill-equipped when it comes to cyber security. This can usually be caused by lack of understanding, awareness and lack of resource.

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