To keep up with demand and innovation, manufacturers require expert IT Support.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering IT Support to manufacturing organisations across the UK.

Manufacturers are under pressure to boost efficiency and keep up with industry changes. Technology is starting to play a huge role in this industry but this presents a challenge. IT Management is highly critical to manufacturing organisations but it can put a strain on internal resources.

We have vast experience in the manufacturing sector.

From electrical manufacturing to automotive and production, we have experience in key manufacturing segments. Since 2002, we have been supporting organisations from this sector. We understand the requirements and restrictions that impact manufacturers.

Our service includes onsite, offsite and remote support. We also operate a 24/7 customer portal to streamline support requests and meet our SLAs. Our system also enables us to track reoccurring problems and identify areas of improvement.

Preparing for the future

The manufacturing industry is changing and technology is a significant driving force.

We strive to keep up with innovation. We partner with industry leading brands to provide our customers with leading solutions. For manufacturing organisations, this enables us to go beyond IT support. We deploy solutions that can futureproof the manufacturing workplace.

Customer stories: Testimonial from Markes International

“excellence IT have been a long standing partner of Markes. In the last 2 years we embarked on a significant period of investment in systems and infrastructure and Andrew has been viewed very much as part of the team and the journey”

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We can work as an independent IT support provider or pair up with your IT team to extend resources. Contact us to discuss your IT support needs.

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