IT Trainer interview: Meet Richard Walters

Get to know our IT Trainer Richard Walters!

Following on from our chat with Rob Davies we put the same questions to our IT trainer Richard Walters to hear his take on the same questions. Interestingly, Richard had a fresh perspective on these questions and provided tips on how a trainer can make the training session more effective. Read on for the Richard’s thoughts on IT training…

Why is IT Training important to a business?

Time Management is critical to any business and with more businesses relying on IT to run their businesses, staff on many occasions waste time undertaking routine IT tasks, i.e. spreadsheet formulas. A business cannot afford to lose time and organisations require solutions to boost efficiency. A professional IT Training service delivered by a highly competent IT Trainer, will help businesses boost efficiency and staff productivity by using IT to it’s full advantage.

IT Training is sometimes considered an expense and a cost by many companies and this is a very short sighted view. Professional IT Training not only improve work efficiency, it also boosts staff moral and confidence.

How can a trainer provide a highly effective session?

    • Plan and Evaluate for Training Success

Any training session is only as good as the planning which has been undertaken, prior to the start of a training session. I always think of the saying, “fail to plan” then “plan to fail”. Planning is the “cornerstone” of any good training session. Every training session should also be reviewed after the session to think of areas where improvements can be made, as there is no such thing as a “perfect” training session.

    • Think “Inclusion”

Any training session will always have learners who attend the course with mixed abilities and experience. It is the duty of any good trainer to manage the training session effectively to ensure all learners develop, irrespective of their ability and experience. The best way of managing this very important area, is to plan effectively for all training sessions and plan the session with a great deal of variety including session exercises and resources.

    • During a training session – use learners as a resource

All learners in a training session like to be respected for the experience they bring to the session and it can be a great motivational tool if a trainer involves course delegates who have relevant experience in a training topic. This can often lead to a learner or group of learners feeling very motivated during a training session. Also other learners within a session are often encouraged to participate when they see other learners in the group enjoying themselves and learning new skills.

Find out more about Richard on the Keystrokes website or contact us directly to book an IT course.

Richard Walters has worked for companies such as Sony and Corus Strip. He is a qualified teacher and is one of our IT trainers. Richard delivers IT courses in a range of Microsoft applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Visio). He also provides ECDL and ECDL advanced courses as well as popular Train the Trainer workshops.
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