IT Trainer interview: Meet Rob Davies

Our interview with IT trainer Rob Davies.

As an IT company we work with a network of specialist training professionals to deliver IT training courses and workshops. We interviewed our IT trainer Rob to discuss his training background and also grill him on why IT training is important to a business. Read on for the full interview…

Can you give us a brief career summary and insight into why you became an IT trainer?

I came into training through a background in bespoke software support and development for local authorities, banks and call centres. It became apparent that I had a talent for passing on information in simple and clear terms. This led me onto the dual strand of performing both technical and training work. Doing this has kept my technical, training and interpersonal skills fresh.

Why is IT Training important to a business?

Today we think software is simple – you can just pick it up and use it. That is true if you want to operate things at a fairly superficial level, but what happens if your work pressures increase? You need to become more efficient and understand how to perform tasks quickly and easier. At this point you are reinventing the wheel, which someone else has done this already and training could have shown you this.

There are operations and duties that are specifically hard to carry out without help from an experienced skilled trainer as not only does training help with efficiency, but a day with a skilled trainer could save you weeks off frustration and misunderstanding. Training is also vital as it helps you understand which results in lowering your stress levels whilst enabling you to do more. If you’re an employer, then a trained work force can accomplish more efficiently and effectively to differ with an untrained one.

Can you give us 3 tips on how to make the most of a training session?

1) Some people feel stupid through asking a simple question. Don’t! Always ask questions when you think of them – don’t risk forgetting that important question by putting it off.

2) It is also important to take breaks regardless of what some may tell you; you may work harder after a break. When a trainer offers you a break there are good reasons for this. Breaks are an important part of the learning process therefore do not waste breaks by excessive use of your mobile phone. Instead recollect your thoughts, think if you truly understand and just try and take a moment – you will learn more!

3) To conclude, don’t forget to stay hydrated as work will become demanding and sometimes challenging – you will be surprised how much this will help you through this process. Drink water in addition to the offered tea and coffee as this will also help you get through the day confidently.

Find out more about Rob on the Kashiko website or contact us directly to book an IT course.

Rob Davies is an IT Trainer and teaches our IT courses in Microsoft Office, Office 365, VBA, HTML, CSS, SQL, Crystal Reports, Jira, Photoshop and Dreamweaver


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