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Data is the backbone of your business, but no matter how secure your systems are, it’s still vulnerable. You might have a handle on phishing scams and cyber-attacks, but what about a burst pipe in your server room, or just an accidental tap on the ‘delete key’?

You can’t stop accidents from happening, but you can be prepared. And if disaster strikes, but it doesn’t affect your business, was it ever really a disaster?

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Like ourselves Excellence IT, is accredited with ISO 27001 and needs a robust Business Continuity plan. They understood the pressures on our business as part of a complex supply chain and have provided a comprehensive Business Continuity solution which allows our business to keep going regardless of the challenges we face. It’s reassuring that our annual business continuity tests verify the system to evidence fast and effective recovery both online and in the cloud.
IT Compliance Manager, Financial Sector

Business Continuity Plan

There are a range of tools and approaches available when it comes to backing up your data; our service is about finding the right combination for you. Here’s what goes in to making the perfect backup solution:

Backup Size

Some data is more important than other data. We can help you separate the business critical from the insignificant, so you aren’t paying to back up the things you don’t need.

Backup Frequency

How often do you need to back your data up? If you generate lots of data in a short space of time, you’ll need more regular backups. We can backup at intervals of 5 minutes if required.


Backups can be stored on or off premises, and there are pros and cons for each. We use a hybrid model, providing both local and cloud-based backups.


Recovery Time

A backup is only as good as the speed it can be restored. Our solutions provide minimum downtime to maintain your business continuity. We can virtualize backups locally or in the cloud to provide near-instant access to your data.

Managed Business Continuity

Not only do our business continuity solutions protect you from the worst, but they can also proactively stop threats. We’re able to provide solutions with inbuilt ransomware detection which can alert administrators so they can take action before it spreads.


Our backups aren’t dependent on previous versions, reducing the risk of dependency errors during data restoration. We can also offer built-in ransomware as part of the service.


Instead of configuring multiple different services together, we deploy a single, robust service for true business continuity.


Backups are stored both locally and in the cloud for extra security.