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Cloud computing frees you from the limitations of your on site computing power. Whether it’s storage, processing power or just needing to be able to access files remotely, we’ll not only get you started, but keep you running as well.

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Transforming the way you work
Moving our work to the cloud has made a huge difference to us. Even before remote working became important, having files duplicated across our multiple offices was very difficult to manage. Now everyone works from a shared environment.
General Manager, Health Services company

What is the cloud?

Put simply, the concept of cloud computing, or ‘the cloud’ is a service that lets you access data and other services over the internet, rather than using local machines and servers. The cloud can be used to store, process and share data, as well as host applications. There’s a good chance your organisation already uses the cloud in some form, for example through Microsoft’s Office 365 products.

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Why use the cloud?

Moving to the cloud can have huge impacts on your organisation:

  • Improved collaboration
  • Flexible working
  • Business resilience
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Reduced risk of unexpected hardware outlay
  • Simpler IT budgeting

Add extra storage or computing power with a few clicks, or downsize just as easily.


No more waiting for hardware deliveries.


Use only what you need, and only pay for what you use, with complete cost transparency.

Comprehensive, not complicated

Deciding what you move over to the cloud, and how, is a challenging process. The cloud can offer an almost like-for-like replication of your current IT setup. We’ve helped over 100 companies in a wide variety of sectors on their cloud journey, by assessing how best to use cloud computing, and guiding them on the best way to migrate their workload with minimal disruption.

We have wanted to move away from on-premise systems due to the unpredictable nature of power, internet connectivity and unexpected capital outlay when things go wrong. Excellence IT have guided us through the various options of moving to the cloud and gave us confidence with their sharp focus on Cyber Security.
General Manager, Health Services company