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VoIP Telephony

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Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the future of telephony. Powered by the internet rather than copper cables, VoIP is a cost effective way to bring flexibility, scalability and enterprise grade features to your telephone system. With the deadline for the UK’s traditional phone networks to go digital by 2025, there’s never been a better time to switch.

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With our old phone system becoming outdated, Excellence IT has provided us with a much more user-friendly system that doesn’t just give us more functionality, but saves us money. We have five sites which made things difficult to communicate effectively as we were on different systems. The new system has allowed us to consolidate on a single system our costs don’t necessarily have to increase with headcount, as they did with the previous system.
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VoIP Phones

Digitising your phone system isn’t just about cost efficiency and call quality, it’s about making your phones easier to use.

  • Use your PC to make and take calls – no more tangled cords and arcane dial codes to remember.
  • Check availability – no more shouting across the office to see if colleagues are at their desk.
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VoIP For Business

We’ve specified and installed VoIP systems for dozens of clients, and everyone is different. We take the time to get to know how you use your current system, and what you want from your new one. Our solutions are never off the shelf, but they do start working straight out of the box.


Add or remove numbers and licenses with the click of a mouse.


Maybe you need to scale down rather than up, in which case you can reduce your costs and only pay for what you use.


All the features you could want; call forwarding, call recording, hold, call queues, pickup groups and more.

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VoIP Services

 With remote work becoming the norm, a handset stuck on an office desk is no longer the most reliable way to contact someone. With VoIP, calls can be set to redirect to your mobile, or you can simply answer via your laptop.

There are a number of payment models for VoIP phone systems.

We offer the common per-user cost model powered by Microsoft Teams, ideal for smaller teams and micro businesses. Depending on call volume, however, larger teams may benefit from our cloud based system, which is charged based on concurrent calls rather than total users. Not ideal for a call centre, but it can be the perfect solution for SMEs.