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Microsoft Excel Training

Create spreadsheets, calculate figures using formulas, manage data, create graphs & charts

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Microsoft Word Training

Create professional documents such as letters, reports and memos. Create a mail merge

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Create effective and dynamic presentations then professionally deliver them to an audience

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SharePoint Training

Use SharePoint to share documents and interact with colleagues in a live online environment

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Microsoft Project

Create, manage and track projects professionally using Gantt charts, Calendars and reports

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Microsoft Visio Training

Create professional drawings such as flowcharts, cause & effect diagrams & organisation charts

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Microsoft Outlook Training

Create and manage e-mails. Create calendar appointments and manage your contacts effectively

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Microsoft Access Training

Create databases to capture and store data, then sort, manage, query and report on your data

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VBA Visual Basic Training

VBA is a programming language that lets you create tailored macros, functions & automated processes

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Microsoft OneDrive Training

Use One Drive to store and manage all of your documents & files online. Sync files with your PC

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Microsoft Office 365 Training

Use Office 365 to work in an online environment with some of Microsoft’s most popular applications

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Microsoft OneNote Training

Create online notebooks that can store text, images, drawings & even video & sound clips too

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Microsoft Windows Training

Get the most out of your operating system, learn to manage Windows 8 or Windows 10 efficiently

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Windows 8
 Windows 10 (updating – coming soon)

Microsoft Publisher Training

Create your own posters, cards, letter heads, labels newsletters & certificates using this publishing tool

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Foundation | Intermediate | Advanced

Conversion  Training

If you are upgrading to a newer version of Office or Windows, let us show you what’s new or different

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