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Reliable IT Support for Charities and Third Sector

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When resources are limited and funding is unpredictable, it is important to ensure
every technology investment brings the most value to your charity. At Excellence
IT, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective IT support whilst working closely
with key partners to help you get the most out of your technology.

The Importance of IT Services for Charities

Technology has become increasingly central to the impactful work done
by charities in recent years. With digital technology taking the forefront
over traditional offline methods, effective online fundraising and
operations have become essential, offering ways to share your charity’s
story and fundraise with supporters worldwide.

At Excellence IT, we’re at the forefront of assisting charities with digital
transformation. Offering tailored IT strategies to suit your
organisation’s needs, we provide cost-effective IT solutions that enable
your charity to carry on its important work without interruption.

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Charities We Work With

Anthony George, IT Support at Excellence IT

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Tailored IT strategies for charity needs
  • High-value, affordable services and solutions
  • Access to premium tools at lower costs through key partnerships
  • Proactive IT support and cyber security
  • Dedicated focus on empowering charities through technology
  • Certified Cyber Essentials body
  • Access to our in-house ISO 27001 Practitioner

Why Choose Excellence IT for Your Charity's IT Support?

  • Here to stay – Excellence IT was founded in 2002
  • Dell Gold Partner
  • Cyber Essentials Certifying Body
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Accredited
  • Cyber Security First Managed Service Provider
  • Experienced IT Support and Cyber Security Experts ready to help
    solve your IT problems.
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Safeguarding Your Charity with Cyber Security Solutions

30% of charities faced a cyber attack last year, and the number of cyber attacks is only increasing with the advanced technologies of artificial
intelligence (Al). As a cyber security first IT Support Provider, we take a practice approach to protect our clients. We off services tailored to
charities of all sizes, having collaborated with various charitable organisations over two decades.

Not only do we pride ourselves on our work, but the Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales has recognised us for our work in keeping Welsh charities
safe from cyber threats.

Our cyber security services for charities include:

Cyber Essential and Cyber Essential PLUS

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Leading with Artificial Intelligence

Our software development team is dedicated to designing solutions that make a real difference for charities. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by non profit organisations, our Software Services team focus on creating intuitive, Al-enhanced tools. These tools are crafted to simplify operations, from data management to communication, allowing charities to dedicate more resources to their
core missions. Our team’s commitment to innovation and support means that we’re always looking for ways to improve and adapt our software to meet the evolving needs of the charitable sector.

We’re users of Microsoft Copilot, which helps increase efficiency when using Microsoft Office Applications. Microsoft Copilot can automate content creation and summarise lengthy documents, making it easier for charities to manage their content and access key information quickly. This tool can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing charity teams to spend more time on impactful activities.

Artificial Intelligence to develop Software

See How We've Helped Charities

Disability Wales Logo

Disability Wales

Disability Wales, located in Caerphilly, is the national association of disabled people’s organisations, which campaigns for the rights of disabled people living in Wales. They count numerous disabled people’s charities among their members and use this combined weight to consult with the Welsh Government and influence policy.
Dewis CIL Logo

Dewis Centre for Independent Living

Dewis Centre for Independent Living (Dewis CIL) is a charity which supports disabled people to manage their own care by receiving a Direct Payment from their Local Authority and using the money to employ their own care staff. Dewis CIL are Cyber Essentials Plus certified, and Excellence IT continue to support Dewis CIL with IT support and software services.

IT Support & Cyber Security Services FAQ

Is IT Support Necessary for Charitable Organisations?

Effective IT support is essential for charitable organisations to run smoothly. As many charities move towards digital operations, a robust IT strategy becomes crucial for establishing a strong online presence. 

Charities benefit from expert advice to formulate their IT strategies to maximise the efficiency of their systems. Cloud solutions offer an affordable, scalable option compared to traditional on-site storage, allowing for easy adjustments as needed. Additionally, hardware services help charities prolong the usability of existing systems or upgrade specific components, optimising their technological assets. 

In addition, third sector organisations often qualify for discounts on various IT products and services, making high-quality IT support services more accessible and affordable for charities. 

What types of IT support services are available for small to medium-sized charities?

We offer a range of IT support services tailored for small to medium-sized charities, including helpdesk support, cyber security services, cloud services, data management, and software solutions. Our goal is to provide affordable, scalable IT solutions that grow with your charity. 

Why Charities Should Consider Managed IT Support Services

Choosing managed IT support can be a cost-effective strategy for charities, allowing them to invest more in the great work they do. An IT Support Provider takes care of everyday tech needs and updates, helping charities stay focused on their missions with reliable technology, and you are just a phone call away from an IT Support or Cyber Security Expert. 

Why charities are vulnerable to cyber security attacks?

Charities are less likely than businesses to implement technical cyber security controls, therefore cyber criminals often target charities as it’s easier than a business with measures in place. 

How AI Can Help Charities Connect and Work Efficiently?

Artificial Intelligence can significantly aid charities in connecting with audiences and improving efficiency. By utilising AI tools, charities can implement chatbots for automated customer service, analyse donor data for targeted engagement, automate routine administrative tasks with platforms like Microsoft Copilot, manage social media, and create personalised content. Implementing the appropriate AI tools will save time and resources and enhance the quality of interactions with supporters, making operations smoother and more effective for charities of any size. If you’d like to find out more about how you can implement AI into your business, contact us today.

How can our charity get started with your IT support services?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your charity’s IT needs, assess your current infrastructure, and propose a tailored IT support plan to meet your goals and budget. From there, we’ll guide you through onboarding and set up the services you need.

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