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When funding is unpredictable and resources are limited, you need to make sure that every technology investment you make brings value to your organisation. We pride ourselves on providing cost effective services for our charity customers through our relationships with key partners, meaning you’re always ready to accept another donation.

Cloud Services

We’ve helped countless charities on their cloud journey, giving them greater control over spending, and the flexibility to upsize or downscale depending on requirements.


Our digital telephony solutions improve collaboration and flexibility for staff, making remote working easy.

IT Support

When your work is changing lives, the last thing anyone wants is for that work to stop because of IT issues. Our IT Support service means that your IT is always on your side, and never in your way.

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Disability Wales

Disability Wales, located in Caerphilly, is the national association of disabled people’s organisations, which campaigns for the rights of disabled people living in Wales. They count numerous disabled people’s charities among their members and use this combined weight to consult with the Welsh Government and influence policy.
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Dewis Centre for Independent Living

Dewis Centre for Independent Living (Dewis CIL) is a charity which supports disabled people to manage their own care by receiving a Direct Payment from their Local Authority and using the money to employ their own care staff. Dewis CIL are Cyber Essentials Plus certified, and Excellence IT continue to support Dewis CIL with IT support and software services.