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Professional Services

Professional services
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From lawyers to accountants, we provide IT support for many professional services, helping them present a professional image to their clients and improving their efficiency and collaboration.

IT Support

Services based on hourly rates mean that IT issues that cost you time, also cost you money. Our proactive IT support means you’re never more than a phone call away from getting back to work.

Cyber Security

It isn’t just your client’s data, but your firm’s reputation that’s at risk without a robust cyber security system in place. Our security services keep your data safe and your firm compliant.

Business Continuity

For data that’s irreplaceable, we provide our clients with a business continuity service keeps it safe from disaster and minimises downtime.

Firms operating in the legal sector may be interested to read how we can make emailing easier via our CJSM Integration Service.

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Driscoll Young Solicitors Case Study 2

Driscoll Young Solicitors

Driscoll Young Solicitors is the largest provider of criminal defence services in Gwent. They have a large team who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients achieve the right result.