Ready For Your Digital Face Mask?

We've all worked hard to protect friends, families, and colleagues in limiting the spread of the virus, but how are you protecting yourself when it comes to cyber threats?

We've developed a system that delivers cyber awareness training straight to your inbox, saving your organisation thousands in preventing potential dangers...

For as low as £2 a month, you can cover your employees from cyber crime and phishing threats

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    Easy to digest, effective, affordable online training

    In a nutshell, SecureIT provides protection with...

    Phishing Simulations are sent to inboxes to see who would be fooled into exposing company data.

    Online Training Material such as videos and quizzes, are sent to users covering many cyber security areas.

    Advanced Reporting allows administrators to monitor user progress of and see improvements.

    Affordable Pricing for as low as £2 per user to ensure your staff are trained month by month.

    But how does SecureIT help users improve their cyber security?

    It's as simple as ABC

    Assess Vulnerability

    Users receive a series of phishing simulation emails. If users engage and compromise their data, they are automatically enrolled onto the phishing education course. Otherwise, users will be enrolled in general cyber security awareness training.

    Broaden Security Knowledge

    Users are then sent periodic assessments that test their cyber security awareness. Better yet, each individual user is sent unique questions, so no cheating or dishonesty can happen.

    Calculate Progress

    SecureIT sends reports of users progress, evaluating what areas they are succeeding or failing in. Giving you a better understanding of what weaknesses your team might have.

    How have organisations benefited from using SecureIT?

    (For confidentiality, names have been removed from testimonials)


    ICT Director

    Educating 700 Users

    “The course content is excellent and concise. Our people can complete a single course in around 10-15 minutes on their smartphone. Overall we have delivered nearly 19,000 courses in the last 18 months!”


    Director of IT

    Educating 400 Users

    “SecureIT has drastically improved our employee awareness around information security, but also to be able to demonstrate to an ISO 27001 auditor that we are following a robust process is a great bonus.

    Business Services

    IT Security Manager

    2,100 Users

    “Training is difficult to manage in a large organisation with over 2,000 employees but SecureIT allows us to do this easily and produce reports for managers so they can see their stats and chase those who haven’t completed modules.

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