10 Things We Learned From SonicWALL’s Threat Report

The SonicWALL threat report has been released, make sure to download your copy here. After we’ve had a read-through – what have we learned from the report?


  1. Malware numbers are down… but are they?

The SonicWALL Threat Report reported that 5.6 billion malware attacks happened over 2020. This is a decrease from the previous year, but it doesn’t mean that’s a good thing.

Because of the world’s remote situation, a lot of traffic visibility and recording has been lost. Meaning that the actual number of attacks could be a lot higher.


  1. Estee Lauder Is Number 1!

Global makeup corporation Estee Lauder was the biggest victim of 2020. They reported the biggest cyber breach that affected 440million of their users across the world. But on reflection, this was a 5th of the total cyber breaches across the year (2 billion), so although a very big breach, the numbers for breaches were smaller and across a fewer number of organisations.


  1. The Older The Server The More Danger

Through the year zero day vulnerabilities were patched with great effect, unfortunately, not all of them were caught In 2020, SonicWall recorded the top CVEs that were exploited “in the wild.” One of the most interesting ones was ‘Zerologon CVE-2020-1472’ which allowed an attack of Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers.

Which in short, makes it possible for a hacker to pretend to be any computer, as well as the root domain controller.

Which devices did it target? The older servers like Windows server 2008, 2012, and 2016 proved the easiest to access. Proving that older servers were easier to target.


  1. Year of Zero-Day

You could say 2020 was the year of zero day patch success, as 24 were published immediately to identify and correct zero-day vulnerabilities – a fantastic response!


  1. COVID 19 Malware Mimics The USA

Interestingly, spikes in malware coincided when the USA announced major pandemic issues. For example, the first major lockdown across many states happened between March and April, this is where there was a malware increase of 3.3 million. The better news is that as the year went on, the malware attacks dropped and dropped, proving that working from home and remote users are becoming smarter and savvier when it comes to malware.


  1. Cyber Criminals Have No Empathy For Healthcare

One of the saddest points of the report showed that cyber criminals don’t care what industry and sector they are trying to infiltrate. As Healthcare become the biggest target throughout the worldwide pandemic (I know, annoying right?)


  1. Remember TikTok Was Banned?

It feels like the world has forgotten this new event, but do you remember that TikTok was banned by the US army in early 2020?

The government was concerned with TikTok being on army officials’ devices after concerns were raised about the platforms relationship with China. Goes to show that cybercriminals can even work their way into sensitive areas in plain daylight…


  1. Ransomware Hit A Record High

Due to the effects of the global pandemic, coupled with the popularity of cryptocurrency, ransomware saw a massive boom in attacks. SonicWALL reported that there was a 62% increase in ransomware attacks in comparision to 2019.


  1. Internet Of Things Lets Through EveryTHING

When the workers went home, the cybercriminals went home with them. Many business devices were being brought into homes, and internet of things enabled devices became gateways for many attackers. Alexa’s, and Google Homes were being infiltrated by accounts not having 2-factor authentication or weak credentials.

From this, there was a malware increase of 66% through compromised devices.


  1. SonicWALL Partners Have The Best Rates

Some good news from the report is that partners and associates of SonicWALL alike saw an increase in the services they provide.


For instance, we are a Silver part of SonicWALL and during 2020, we have seen more uptake in SonicWALL products and devices. All with glowing reviews of how easy and effective their choices have been.


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So there you have it, the SonicWALL threat report displays some mind-blowing statistics about the cybercrime of 2020.

We offer a range of SonicWALL products designed to help keep cyber crime at bay and increase your internal cybersecurity. Get in touch today to see what ways we can help your organisation. Contact us on 02920 887 362 or send us an email at training@excellence-it.co.uk

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