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“A day in the life of”… an IT Technician and Trainee Cyber Security auditor

A bit about Antony Woodward, our IT Technician…

My name is Antony Woodward and I am an IT Technician and Trainee Cyber security auditor at excellence IT.  I have recently graduated from the University of South Wales with a BSc Hons in Computer Forensics.  I am also a former associate of the National Cyber Security Academy (NCSA) in Newport.

Before University, I had never worked within the IT industry.  I often bounced between jobs due to lack of progression and career opportunities. At the age of 25, I decided to make a change and achieve a qualification in a subject in which I wanted a career; IT and Cyber Security.

I hope my story demonstrates that it is possible to make a drastic change in career, even when you think the opportunity may have passed.  I hope to highlight how steep of a learning curve it has been for me and the challenges I have faced.  Hopefully this helps offer insider advice for anyone looking to make a change and wants a new career in IT.

A bit about Antony’s Technician role…

The primary function of an IT Technician is to assist with customer phone calls, raise tickets and escalate issues when needed.  This has been the most challenging position I’ve held.  The knowledge my fellow technicians hold is simply astonishing but thankfully, they share this with me whenever I need assistance.

My first impression of excellence IT is how detail orientated the technicians and engineers are. The focus is truly on the customer and the overall customer experience.  High quality service really is at the centre of everything here at excellence IT.

Having never been in a phone-based role before, let alone in an IT role, becoming an IT Technician has been interesting to say the least.  The biggest adjustment I have had to make from previous job roles and student life, is learning how to multi task efficiently. Balancing a customer on the phone, while remoting on to a system and checking background software proved very tricky to start with.

All businesses operate in different ways and because of this, each of our customers has a service tailored to their needs.  I find it rather challenging when trying to remember the way in which each customers’ infrastructure has been constructed.  It is a brilliant learning curve which helps me become more familiar which each customer and is definitely improving my memory!

A bit about Antony’s auditor role…

excellence IT recently became a Cyber Essentials auditing body.  Due to the high volume of requests from customers, they were looking to recruit an extra pair of hands. excellence IT wanted someone who shared their passion for keeping businesses secure in this ever-growing world of cybercrime. The role excellence IT were offering combined two great interests of mine, Cyber Security and IT Support.  When I saw the role, I instantly applied and, due to my time at the academy and my determination, I attained the role.  With the risk of sounding cheesy, I felt very proud of myself!

The Cyber essentials/plus/IASME auditing is very interesting as it allows you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the customers’ infrastructure.  This enables us as a company, to recommend solutions that will not only keep their business safe, but also improve the functionality of their company.  Besides that, it is great way to build trusting relationships with our customers.

Since working for excellence IT, I have undertaken a few audits with direct supervision and I am looking forward to completing my first audit alone.  (I have the IASME training course coming up soon and I am feeling very nervous!)

Antony’s thoughts on excellence IT and the IT industry…

excellence IT is a fantastic company to work for and I genuinely feel lucky to be here.  The technicians and engineers are always willing to help when I inevitably encounter a new issue where I lack experience.  The Directors at excellence IT are extremely supportive of all staff.  They are constantly helping develop and widen their staffs’ skillset; supporting them through exams, courses and accreditations.  It’s refreshing to see a company so invested in the personal development of their team.

The ethos of excellence IT is very much in line with my own; helping businesses to “improve, innovate and transform”, with a robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Thank you excellence IT for seeing potential in me and providing me with the opportunity to embark on this exciting journey!

That’s all for now!

If you have any further questions, I am available on Twitter and LinkedIn, as is excellence IT.


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Antony Woodward

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