The facts about DDoS attacks

Following the high profile DDoS attacks last week here at the key facts to know about DDoS and how this could impact your business.

When leading corporates are hit by a large-scale cyber-attack the whole world pays attention. This was the case last week when a DDoS attack impacted a string of large online organisations, including a social media site and music streaming service.

The truth is DDoS attacks are on the rise. Only a few months ago a report revealed that DDoS attacks have increased “over 125 percent year over year”.

To protect your business, consider these key facts about DDoS attacks:

DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service

A DDoS attack denies services of a website (network or server). Without getting too technical, this attack disrupts the service by overwhelming or bombarding the target with a high volume of requests/traffic. This causes disruption to the website making it unavailable to legitimate users.

DDoS attacks are difficult to block

The malicious traffic can involve a of number computers, from all over the world. It’s, therefore, difficult to stop and defend against an attack. There are solutions available to limit the impact to ensure a DDoS attack doesn’t cause too much havoc!

What are the signs of a DDoS attack?

Usually, you will notice slow page load on your business website, transaction failures and failure to load or connect to the site.

These attacks are costly!

A DDoS attack is not only frustrating for users within your business, it’s incredibly frustrating for your site users. A denial of service can lead to significant downtime which can be highly costly. A 2014 survey of 270 organisations revealed that DDoS attacks cost an average of £25,000 p/hour with attacks lasting an average of 6 hours.

Small businesses are a target

Whilst a DDoS attack can take down a large organisation, small businesses are also a prime target. Reports show that in the third quarter of 2015 attacks on small organisations increased by 180%. A DDoS attack on a small business can be highly damaging. The loss of business is costly and often many small businesses do not have the resource to rapidly recover services and protect from future attacks.

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