The rise of the mobile world: How can SMBs adapt?

Mobile is changing how we work – Fact. Businesses are being forced to adapt both internally and externally to keep up with the mobile world. Here are key tips to help you adapt your SMB for mobile.

At the start of 2016 a report revealed that global mobile data traffic grew by 74% in 2015. It’s important for businesses to now assess this staggering rise and consider future plans. If the world is turning mobile it means behaviours are shifting. How businesses respond now will be crucial for future growth and sustainability.

Optimising for mobile

If you own an SMB, it’s crucial to start assessing where customers interact with your brand. Having an online presence is important but you need to adapt all of your efforts for mobile devices. This means your website, social media and email communications for example need to be optimised for mobile users. If you are not convinced, consider that 83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience all devices if very important and that 57% of users wouldn’t recommend a business with a ‘poorly designed mobile site.’

To test if your website is optimised for the mobile buyer, simply visit it on your mobile device. If you are struggling to navigate the site or click through to key sections such as the ‘contact us’ page, it’s time to call in your web designers.

Discover the power of the cloud

If you’ve not yet migrated to the cloud, then now’s the time to explore the possibilities of cloud computing. The cloud can transform your business inside out to help your business adapt for the mobile revolution. Cloud Industry Forum have revealed that the adoption rate in the UK stands at 84%. This highlights the popularity of the cloud and potentially means if you are not in the cloud, one your competitors might be there already!

For businesses already in the cloud, it’s important to understand how this is increasing mobility in your business. Are you staff making the most of flexible working? Mobility in the workplace is enabled by cloud computing. The key benefit being that your staff productivity levels are elevated by permitting employees to work anytime and anywhere on mobile devices. Important note, if your staff are working on mobile, don’t forget to address your security needs.

There’s are just key areas to get you started. When you have got these basics right there are ways to increase your efforts to ensure your SMB is ready to thrive in a mobile world. Start here, see the difference and then tackle other areas within your business!

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