Keep track of your employee training with a little help from training PAL.

training PAL has been created by excellence IT to aid training management.

What is training PAL?

training PAL has been created by excellence IT to aid training management; The perfect companion for anybody managing staff training. This user-friendly system has been designed to simplify your entire training cycle to help you keep on top of operations, without the manual process!

Ditch the spreadsheets

training PAL makes administration easy. Store all your employee training information including related documents and manage expiring training in one, secure system

Cut down the email trail

The process of scheduling courses has​ never straightforward and can include many back and forth emails. Use the system to book staff courses and automatically schedule into calendars!

Who can use training PAL?

The software has been designed by excellence IT for any organisation looking to efficiently manage employee training. It’s ideal for: ​

    • Anybody responsible for managing employee training (from HR, and Training Managers to Office Managers and Administrators). ​
    • Small to medium businesses with a strong training requirement. ​
    • Industries where training is highly critical to individual job roles.

training PAL at a glance

Streamline your entire training management process (from scheduling to storing training certificates).
Centralise all of your employee training records including course booking dates and related documents.

Meet Deadlines for required training with the help of automated alerts and automatic calendar scheduling

Measure productivity and manage your training budget using the flexible reporting function and dashboard.

Simple, easy-to-use platform that has been designed to be user-friendly. No technical skill required.
Access training PAL on any device (including mobile) with a secure internet connection.

Want to start using training PAL?

We are a trusted Managed IT services provider and we also provide IT training courses! Our lead developer has over 16 years’ experience – needless to say, you are in safe hands!

Trial this brand-new software

The system was born out of a customer demand and will continue to develop based on user feedback. For a limited time only, we are offering customers a chance to trial training PAL for 30 days at no charge.

If your requirements are not perfectly covered by our solution, please do speak to us – we plan to extend the product functionality and we offer custom development as a service.

Contact us

To get started or request a product demonstration contact our friendly team today! It’s your chance to get on-board and help shape the future of Training PAL to fit with your organisation’s needs. ​

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