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Tailored Microsoft Office Training in Cardiff

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At Excellence IT, we excel in providing tailored Microsoft Office training courses for your business needs. If you aim to boost your team’s skill set in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or any Office suite application, our expert-driven courses are tailored to your requirements and skill level. Offering both online and in-person options in Cardiff, we design our training to be adaptable, hands-on, and practical, helping your team reach the full capabilities of the Microsoft Office Suite. 

Microsoft Office Training Courses for Businesses

We offer comprehensive training for various Microsoft Office applications, enabling you to master Excel formulas, enhance Word formatting, analyse data with Power BI, and streamline processes with Workflows to boost productivity. Our courses cater to learners at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced users. 

Our courses include: 

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Microsoft Excel Logo

Learn to perform calculations with formulas, analyse data using pivot tables, and display it in dynamic charts.

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Microsoft Word

Collaborate more effectively to create professional documents, and effortlessly communicate using mail merge. 

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Transform speaking experiences with captivating PowerPoint presentations. Precise timing and animations.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Streamline collaboration and manage documents efficiently with SharePoint, a powerful platform for seamless team coordination and workflow optimisation.

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Power BI

Transform data into actionable insights with Power BI, a dynamic tool for visualising and analysing information to drive informed decisions.

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Workflows (Power Automate)

Automate workflows and streamline processes across applications and services with Microsoft Workflows, enhancing efficiency with minimal effort.

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Microsoft Project

Master project planning and management, schedule tasks, allocate resources effectively, and track progress using charts and timelines.
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Microsoft Access

Build and manage databases, perform data entry and queries, and generate detailed reports for better decision-making.

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Microsoft Outlook

Learn to efficiently manage your emails, schedule appointments and meetings, organise contacts, and utilise task management features.

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Microsoft Teams

Enhance communication and collaboration, manage team projects, and integrate with other Microsoft 365 apps for seamless workflow.

Microsoft Visio Logo

Microsoft Visio

Learn to create detailed diagrams and flowcharts, design professional organisational charts, and visualise data with interactive diagrams.

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Microsoft 365

Learn to integrate and use the full suite of Microsoft 365 apps, enhance productivity with cloud-based tools, and collaborate effectively across your organisation.

Mastering Microsoft

We offer training for all the most common Office applications so you can master formulas in Excel, or formatting in  Word. Each application has a number of courses based on complexity, allowing us to cater for any ability level.


Some of our courses include…

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Calculate with formulas, use pivot tables to analyse data and present it in interactive graphs. This and much more on our Excel training courses

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Collaborate more effectively to create professional documents, and effortlessly communicate using mail merge. 

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Make public speaking a bit more bearable with a slick presentation. Nail your timing, manage your notes and add some extra flair to your slides with videos and animations. 

Problem Solving with Microsoft Office Training

Our courses are designed with a business-first approach, ensuring that you and your team don’t just learn the software’s functions, but also how to apply them effectively in your work. Whether it’s resolving issues in a complex spreadsheet or navigating your SharePoint site with ease, we can tailor our training to meet your specific needs.

Cyber Security Training Course

Our cyber security training and phishing simulations provide the essential knowledge and skills to identify and defend against these digital threats effectively. By incorporating phishing simulations into your employees’ inboxes on a regular occurrence, our Cyber Security Training Platform has been proven to cut down on human errors, greatly diminishing the odds of experiencing a data breach. 

We provide an innovative solution with automated cyber security training sent directly to your inbox, ensuring you’re employees are always informed and prepared.

From just £2 per user, per month, our Cyber Security Training Platform is not only short, interactive and educational, it’s also affordable, too. 

Phishing simulation dashboard in Secure IT

Cyber Security

With cyber security threats consistently evolving, intermittent hours-long training sessions are no longer the most effective way of keeping you up to date. Instead, we offer automated cyber security training that’s delivered straight to the user’s inbox.  Click here to read more about our cyber security training.

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Train The Trainer Course Meeting Room

Microsoft Office Training for Efficient Project Delivery

We solve your IT problems in ways that have the potential to fundamentally transform your business. But transformation can only happen when you and your team, make it happen. So when your next big IT rollout comes around, whether it’s a new piece of software or an entire system change, speak to us about bespoke IT training to ensure smooth and effective adoption. 

Choose Your Learning Path: Online or In Person Training

Our training delivery is as adaptable as the courses themselves, offering three convenient options: 


Our Microsoft Office training courses are available online, utilising platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for a comprehensive digital learning experience. 


We can bring our training directly to you. This option removes the need for your team to travel and allows our trainers to gain a deeper understanding of your organisation’s unique needs. Additionally, we can provide drop-in sessions where a trainer is on-site at your location for consultations on generic IT issues. 

Operating Areas

Excellence IT is located in Caerphilly, just a short distance from Cardiff. We provided training to businesses within South Wales and the South West.