UniTech Services Group (UniTech) is a subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation. Founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1957, UniTech has grown to more than 500 employees in 11 facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe

Testimonial from Daren Crosbee, Plant Manager Unitech (Newport, UK):


“I am so pleased that I joined excellence IT and can’t speak highly enough of the service and the support we have received.

The service is significantly more personable than what we have received in the past, and response times are a lot quicker.

All the guys at excellence IT are technically competent and there is a consistency of service. I can give many examples where we have had IT issues excellence IT are quick to respond, even outside of normal work hours.

In addition to this if we have a server problem excellence IT do actually know before we find out which suggests the pro-active monitoring software they use does actually work and they review it.

The one key difference for me between eIT and other service providers we have used in the past is that it is clear the excellence IT aim to provide an excellent service first and the business takes care of itself whereas others I perceived would always be looking to make money first and foremost and the service would be secondary.”

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