World Backup Day 2016: 3 common causes of data loss

Could you afford to lose your company data? The results can be highly damaging. You only need to look at the large profile data breaches of 2015 to see this is the case.
It’s not just data breaches and cyber-attacks that can lead to data loss.

It’s important to realise that data loss can happen at any time and there are many contributing factors. With today being World Backup Day we have created a list of the 3 common causes of data loss to highlight the importance of routine backups.

Three common causes of data loss:

1) Human error
In 2015 it was revealed by Data Barracks that human error was the leading cause of data loss. The report found that human error contributed to 24% of data loss. It’s easy to see why employees are a weak link. Actions such as sending the wrong information, opening an unsolicited email or losing a mobile device are common in any business and can happen at any time.

Cyber-criminals are also increasingly reliant on human error in order to breach company data. IBM reported that in 2014, 95% of all security incidents involved human error. Your employees are therefore a target for hackers and a breach can result in significant data loss, let alone major damage to your business.

2) Hardware failure
The computers in your organisation house crucial data. Even with cloud computing on the rise, our devices continue to store important business information. It’s easy for hardware to fail; heat, dust or improper maintenance are all examples that can damage systems.

In the same report as mentioned above, Data Barracks found that 21% of data loss is caused by hardware failure. This report also found that in larger organisations, hardware failure is the main concern when it comes to data loss.

3) Computer virus
Looking once again at cyber-security; computer viruses, Trojans and malware can lead to significant data loss. Certain viruses target computer systems and are out to cause as much damage as possible. A malicious virus could lead to a system failure or could hold your files hostage!

Depending on the agenda, dreaded malware and computer viruses are out to either steal or eradicate your data. In 2015, Verizon revealed that it only takes 82 seconds for someone to fall victim to a new wave of ‘malware laced’ spam. You or one of your employees/colleagues could quite easily fall victim to a computer virus and lose data.

Looking at these 3 common causes of data loss, it’s plain to see that every business needs to proactively protect their data. Regular backups are important to your organisation and they are simple to implement. Start protecting your business today!

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